Model NO.: 060
HS Code: 8708941000

060 Hysraulic Steering Gear For Combine Harvester


Hanjiu's orbital steering valves all have a built in return-to-center function. This means that when the driver releases the wheel the tires will automatically return to the center position. This is a convenient feature that allows for slow rock crawling or driving at higher speeds. The amount of turns it takes to get from lock to lock will depend on what ram you combine with your orbital. We have included a chart that will tell you exactly how many turns it will take to get from lock to lock with the different orbital/ram combinations, with the recommended combinations in boldletters.

060 series hydraulic steer control unit is a monolithic fully hydraulic steer control unit with the function of all combined valves, including entry check valve, relief valve, manual steering check valve, cushion valve and fill oil valve. Thus compact structure and easy mounting.


060 series hydraulic steering control unit

1. 060 Hydraulic steering unit is widely used in the steering control system.

2. The design is more compact and convenient.

3. Including integrated valve (relief valve and checkproof valve)

4. Can match with the OEM number of all machines.


Main Specifications:

Max. System pressure --------16MPa
Max. Back pressure -----------2.1MPa
Input torque--------------------1.7~2.5Nm
Max. System operating temperature--------93º C
Recommended oil filtration--------ISO 19/16

060 Hysraulic Steering Gear for Combine Harvester
060 Hysraulic Steering Gear for Combine Harvester

Model Crossing:

Hanjiu Hydraulic Danfoss M+S Eaton
101 OSPB    
101S OSPC    
101S-5T OSPJ    
102   HKU  
102S   HKUS  
060     45 series


Orbital Steering Valve can widely use for agricultural machines and construction machines, such as tractor, harvester, loader, forklift, etc.
060 Hysraulic Steering Gear for Combine Harvester
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My factory specializes in designing and producing the motors and steering gear of any type, from large to small, from low to high, and so on. And can replace danfoss, Eaton, M+S series models. Products are widely used in engineering machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, petroleum machinery, agricultural machinery, Injection Molding machinery, fishery machinery, military engineering and other fields.
My factory take the good faith first, quality first for the purpose, from the employee on-boarding, raw materials into the factory, from parts processing, assembly proposal until products, has a relatively perfect system of product quality. And through CE certification. Our factory is dedicated to the establishment of an internationally renowned brand, looking forward to the long-term cooperation with more demand of hydraulic products.

060 Hysraulic Steering Gear for Combine Harvester
060 Hysraulic Steering Gear for Combine Harvester

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