Installation and layout of solar insect light

Solar insecticidal lamp is the main plant protection product of Zhejiang Top Instrument in 2014. Solar insect killer includes TPSC1-1, TPSC1-2 and TPSC1-3. Solar insecticidal lamps are widely used in agriculture, orchards, forestry, etc. Although widely used, they are not very clear about the installation of insecticidal lamps, wiring, hanging lights, etc. Today, we talk about a solar insect lamp. The installation layout and hanging lights.

1, the layout of the insect lamp

There are two ways to layout: First, the chessboard distribution, and second, the closed loop distribution. Generally in the actual installation process, chess patterns are more generally applicable. Because it is hanging in the field, it is convenient to maintain and maintain it by pulling the lights and then pulling the road to Daejeon. There are also users in the actual installation according to the actual situation using other distribution methods, which must be adapted to local conditions. No matter which method is used, the control area should be calculated with a single lamp radiation radius of 120m to achieve the purpose of energy-saving pest management.

3, wired

According to the type of lamp selected, choose a good 220V or 380V power supply, and then use a straight overhead line (the position of the line pole is best to match the layout of the lamp). Where there are no poles, wooden piles with a length of 2.5m or more are used as temporary poles. They must not be pulled anywhere to prevent accidents.

3, power requirements

The voltage fluctuation range of each lamp is within ±5% of the commercial power. If the voltage is too high or too low, the lamp will not work properly. If the power supply used is 220V, which is far from the transformer and the number of lights per line is more, in order to reduce power supply fluctuations, it is best to use three-phase four-wire or single-phase one-floor wire. The light in the line is evenly connected to each phase line so that the lamp can start normally. In addition, total road knife and branch knife should be installed in the line for hanging lights and maintenance.

4, hanging lights

Determine the location of the lamp, plant two wooden stakes or tripods, and use iron wire to fix the rings on the lamp to the crossarms of the two stakes. The height 31 is 1.3 to 1.5m (the distance from the ground to the insect population). To prevent the light from swinging back and forth when the wind blows, the lamp shell must be pulled on two piles with two wires, and then the wiring, the wiring port must be tightly wrapped with insulating tape. When the copper wire and aluminum wire are connected, pay special attention to prevent moisture. Oxidation, resulting in poor contact, so that the lamp does not work.

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