Explosion-proof cameras can be used in many energy and chemical industries including petrochemicals, petroleum, etc. due to their excellent performance and wide adaptability. However, each industry has its own particularity and needs to be specially targeted for explosion protection, so that it can do more with less. Before installing the explosion-proof camera, check the following.
1.Whether the explosion-proof monitoring equipment is selected and classified according to the regional classification, whether it is suitable for the protection of the ambient gas classification; whether the temperature level of the explosion-proof monitoring and power control equipment is suitable for the spontaneous combustion of the surrounding flammable gas; qualified explosion-proof electrical explosion-proof equipment should be marked: manufacturer name , certification unit, certification number, explosion-proof structure applicable gas group, temperature rating.
2. Whether the line marking data of the explosion-proof camera equipment is complete, whether the camera housing shield and the function are damaged, and whether the monitoring equipment protection cover and the sealing gasket can be completely sealed.
3. Screws, cable interface equipment (direct or indirect) and spacing components are of the correct model, the pipeline screws or joints can not be loose, the joints are clean and damage-free, monitoring cable joints must be explosion-proof joints and explosion-proof certification mark.
4. If there is a gasket on the pressure-explosion-proof equipment interface, it should be confirmed whether it is purely waterproof.
5. Field signal transmission Explosion-proof box The gasket of the electrical equipment shell is normal. Is the screw locked to the position?
6. Explosion-proof monitoring equipment sealing gasket should be silicone material is not easy to aging, difficult to change the material.
7. Explosion-proof fillers should be used at the joints of the explosion-proof box and the camera to prevent electrical sparking inside the equipment.
8. Is the installation of monitoring equipment and explosion-proof enclosures properly grounded as required?
9. Does the explosion-proof explosion-proof box have a safety lock or must be opened with a special tool?
In order to ensure safety, these options should be checked one by one and confirmed, so as to introduce the occurrence of blow-by leakage after the installation of the explosion-proof camera to prevent the above situation from making mistakes.

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