The following is an introduction to the selection principle of machine tool towline:

1. The inner diameter of the support plate inner cavity D1=d+ is approximately equal to 0.1d (take an integer). Where d = the outer diameter of the wire, cable, liquid, and gas hose.

2. Determine the chain height hg and the drag chain model according to the maximum aperture Dmax of the support plate.

3. Determine the bending radius of the support plate type drag chain according to the function of the drag chain:

1) When the towline needs to carry a large tube and cable load, the high-strength support plate type-monolithic type should be used;

2) When the pipe joint size of the pipe is larger than the inner diameter of the support plate or when it is necessary to disassemble, repair, etc., a separate type of support plate may be used;

3) When there are many specifications for installing the cable, the frame type support plate can be selected;

4. Determine the width b1 of the support plate according to the number of installed cables, so as to know the width of the drag chain.

5. When the use of the towline is restricted or affected by the environment, the steel belt protection support plate is required.


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