By measuring the nitrogen content in foods, we can calculate the protein content in foods. Therefore, Kjeldahl can also be called protein analyzer, crude protein analyzer, automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is generally used in food Measurement, at the same time he can also perform measurement analysis on other substances, resins, chemical fields and so on.
Kjeldahl automatic nitrogen determination instrument can quickly and accurately determine nitrogen. Its operation method is simple, rapid and accurate. It is an inevitable product complying with the development trend of rapid detection and analysis. It has been widely used in the determination of nitrogen in cereals, feed, food and rubber. .ABS resin is a terpolymer of acrylonitrile (A), butadiene (B), and styrene (S), which combines the high chemical stability, oil resistance, and surface hardness of acrylonitrile, butadiene Toughness and cold resistance, styrene's good dielectric properties, gloss and processability, etc., have a balanced overall performance and are a large quantity of general-purpose thermoplastics.
The ABS resin sample is heated and digested with sulfuric acid in the presence of a catalyst to convert the acrylonitrile nitrogen in the acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin to ammonium bisulfate, and after alkali addition, the solution is made alkaline and then distilled. Ammonia is absorbed by a boric acid solution and then titrated with a hydrochloric acid standard titration solution, and the nitrogen content is calculated from the titration results.
The determination of nitrogen in ABS resin by Kjelker's automatic nitrogen determination instrument has the same precision and accuracy as the determination of American Standard D1013-93. It can more quickly and accurately complete the determination of nitrogen content in ABS resin, meet the requirements of analytical experiments, and improve effectiveness. At the same time, Kjeldahl's automatic determination of nitrogen before the determination of the catalyst used for sample processing does not contain mercury.
Automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer, including automatic and manual two modes, automatic mode is all automatic integration completed without manual operation in the middle, while in the manual mode, plus boron plus alkali, distillation require separate manual operation, Different units can choose according to their own needs.