LED e-commerce has become a hot word in the lighting industry in recent years. With the increasingly fierce competition in the LED market, online competition has even been transferred to online competition. Increasingly high channel costs and multi-channel battles are undoubtedly for major LED companies.
E-commerce is infiltrating in all walks of life with vigorous growth, and the lighting industry as a traditional industry has always been considered unsuitable for e-commerce. However, due to the rise of the huge post-80s consumer army, its consumption habits have quietly changed this view.


The person in charge of Chau Ming Technology believes that e-commerce is the future development trend. At present, there is no standard and mature normative method. We can only move forward in the exploration, but this road must go. Because the change in business model is indeed too fast, the only thing we have to face is to face it.
Coincidentally, Opus and NVC Lighting also used the grafting of traditional business practices and e-commerce as a breakthrough point. First of all, companies must take advantage of the trend and must see the future of the industry and the trend of consumer development. Secondly, enterprises should think more. Under the current wave of e-commerce, many commercial activities in the past, how to combine the emerging e-commerce, transform it into a more suitable group of consumer trends, how to pass traditional business activities E-commerce is better grafted.
Gu Baqiang, head of Guangzhou Kasman Lighting Operation Planning, will better extend the reach of e-commerce channels through the experience store, let consumers come to the store and see the green light of LED lights. Through e-commerce, manufacturers can directly Selling the luminaire to the user can also understand the user's preferences and purchasing habits. Information such as consumption intervals and installation questions is more competitive than traditional channels.
E-commerce has swept like a storm, mainly because it is cheaper and cheaper than physical stores. It can buy anything you want without leaving home, and it is delivered to your door, saving time and effort. This is also the reason why consumers are willing to choose online shopping. For the business, it can save the storefront fee and save labor costs. Why not do it. Enter the LED keyword in the e-commerce webpage, and immediately jump out of a bunch of LED products. You can also sort by brand, type, home decoration style, etc. Some will also mark the color temperature, power, applicable space, etc., and consumers are very convenient to choose. Moreover, online shopping is not restricted by geographical areas and has a wide range of radiation. These are the advantages of choosing an e-commerce.
For traditional lighting manufacturers, the potential and growth of online channels are higher. More and more consumers choose online shopping. It is not contradictory to develop e-commerce channels and online sales. Traditional enterprises have switched to e-commerce platforms. Challenges are faced in terms of talent pool, information systems, and business models. Tmall marketing expert Wei Qi specifically mentioned that product reserves and logistics are a major difficulty faced by traditional manufacturers. In 2012, it took six months for furniture manufacturers to complete the shipment of the products sold on the same day. Wei Qi believes that not all traditional enterprises are suitable for e-commerce platforms. High-level companies do not pay attention, core team capabilities are not matched, and products and brands are not highly differentiated. Enterprises are not suitable for blindly entering e-commerce platforms.
For LED product manufacturers, the e-commerce channel is a good platform to promote sales of products, but it must also be combined with its own product characteristics, the company's development, and must not blindly cut into the e-commerce platform.
As far as e-commerce is concerned, there are still some shortcomings. As far as LED lamps are concerned, some LED lamps are glass products, fragile products, such as LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED ceiling lamps, etc. It is made of acrylic material, which is resistant to pressure and is not easy to be damaged. However, during transportation, it is inevitable that it will cause damage. If it is damaged, it will also involve shipping problems. For LED lamp manufacturers, if there is damage. This one is basically busy.
In addition, it is a problem of after-sales service and installation. Like some complicated lamps, it often has to provide on-site installation services. If it is online shopping, it is difficult to guarantee. In the course of use, if there is a problem, how can the after-sales service keep up? This is also a question to consider.
Therefore, LED lamp manufacturers in the choice of e-commerce road, to be clear, first of all to choose which types of lamps to sell online, in addition to how to transport, how to carry out after-sales service and other issues, these problems After the solution is completed, I believe that the road of e-commerce will go further and further.